About Us

The Washington International Finance Corporation was founded in March 2000 as a joint venture between AG International Consulting Corporation, (AGIC), International Links Corporation (Intl. Links) and the Washington Trade and Investment Group (WTIG). The Firm builds on over 25 years of experience and the successful track record in investment banking and consulting of its member firms and principals. It has a strong business expertise in Latin America, but has also successfully developed projects in other parts of the world, including countries in Asia and some of the transitional economies of Eastern Europe.

Washington International has two main lines of business. It provides its private clients investment banking and project finance services, helping them to secure funding for investment projects in the $5 million to $200 million range, with a focus on project financings led by multilateral and bilateral official financial institutions. Our Firm also provides advisory/consulting services on a wide range of financial policy and structural reform issues, to a broad client base working primarily with emerging market countries. Washington International consulting customers include private clients as well as multilateral and bilateral financial institutions, industry associations, and national and local governments.